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Through collaboration, research, and development, we aim to significantly improve computer security measures with the help of honeynets and other network security tools.

Project Overview

The UNC Charlotte Honeynet project is part of the research effort of the network security group in the Laboratory of Information and Infrastructure Security. We hope to use the honeynet to gather important data as input to network and security research. This data can then be used as an educational tool to increase the knowledge of all network security students and professionals. Our honeynet implementation uses an ISP and is not part of the campus network.

UNC Charlotte is a NSA recognized Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. We have been selected by the U.S. federal government to offer the Cyber Corps scholarships since 2001. After completing their studies at UNC Charlotte, students in this program will work for the U.S. government in the field of information security.

So.. What is a Honeypot?

  • A Honeypot is any technology whos value lies in the unauthorized and illicit use of its resources.
  • It can be view as a sort of fish bowl
  • The bowl is the honeypot
  • The rocks and plants are the services
  • The fish is the attacker
  • And we are the owners who are observing everything the attackers are doing

What is a Honeynet?

  • A Honeynet is a network of Honeypots that is capable of collecting detailed data about an attacker by allowing the attacker to interact with a real network.  The attackers actions are monitored and the system uses Data Control to help prevent the Honeynet from causing harm to other computers in the event of a compromise.

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